About Us

About Us

our team and our mission

We believe...

that the personal and the digital need to grow together. In an ever-changing digital world, we’re here to help the power of face-to-face communication keep its seat at the table.

employers demand proficiency in soft skills. We provide it.

30 years of field work and development allows HCS to train learners in a soft skills methodology that is modular, targeted, and clearly defined.

A network of physical, cognitive, and strategic concepts comprise a unique system which acts in support of any and all verbal and nonverbal communication.


we train learners to convey what they mean in a manner that is direct, unambiguous, and impactful.


we help learners to develop a personalized set of tools to ensure that their physical communication and their verbal content support one another.


our modular, network and definition-based approach to communication ensures that successful outcomes can be analyzed and diagramed for repeatability.


it’s not just about making yourself better understood, the HCS system gives learners the tools to decode and interpret the words, actions, and intentions of communication partners.

your success. our mission

We Believe "soft skills" don't need to be mysterious

Metrics, definitions, patterns, and self-guided application are core to the HCS approach to communication education.

We know that every body, personality, and set of objectives is unique. We don’t ask learners to copy or emulate a model, instead we supply them the tools and knowledge needed to apply them to their own attributes and given circumstances.

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The Faces Behind our Success

Kathryn Kellner

Founder, Executive Director

Juan Cabezas

Senior Business Development

Kellner Brown

co-Founder, CPO

Isabel Burruel

Executive Assistant

Giuliano DeSantis

Int. Sales Director

Greg Simmons

Domestic Sales Manager

Pete Gonzales

Production Manager

Jenn Woulard

marketing Coordinator

Lamar Williams

Animation and effects artist

Isaac Rios

Animation and effects artist

Jo Pierce

Research specialist

Abbie James

Content Developer

satisfied clients

Kathryn Kellner’s soft skill and strategic communication training success spans over 30 years

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