The Importance of Breath

Breathing techniques are employed in many activities and disciplines.

How fast you breathe, how deeply you breathe, how often you breathe, and to which area of your lungs you direct your breath all play a role in affecting the ability of your mind, voice and body to perform the tasks you set them to.

You may breathe differently when running than when scuba diving,

You may breathe to expand your chest cavity when performing physical activity, and breathe to expand your abdomen in a meditative practice.

Public Presentation also benefits from the partnership of a breathing discipline.

To support a communicative goal or intention, deliberate diaphragmatic breath is the right tool for the job.

In the first episode of the podcast, I have prepared a short lecture that will introduce you to the value of diaphragmatic breathing.

We will start with a simple exercise to help you find this type of breath in your own body and I will close with teaching you a a simple breathing technique.

This method, when practiced consistently, will maximize breath support, fuel the voice, increase oxygen intake, and provide a foundation for clear communication.

Along with the podcast episode, I am including a video segment from our series The Human Communication Archive to help illustrate the ideas involved.

I look forward to the start of your journey with us.








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