Frame and Stance

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Learner Expectation

The effective communication of information and cues is not limited to verbal exchange. The entire body is an instrument of communication. Understanding the basics of Frame and Stance will open up the communicative power behind the physical structure of the body.

Learner Milestones

  • Select a Frame and Stance pattern to serve a communicative goal
  • Develop a practice of selecting a purposeful Stance
  • Practice the Ready Position (standing or seated) before communicating
  • Employ the Ready Position as a physical Point of Influence to recenter and balance
  • Deliberately employ a Ready Position while seated
  • Select and practice a deliberate Listening Body
  • Understand balance and Counterbalance are influenced by Stance
  • Use Counterbalance as a tool for physical stabilization
  • Use Counterbalance as a tool for amplifying or softening physical presence
  • Understand how weight shifts in Stance change the Symmetry of the Frame
  • Employ a Base that will support the type of gesture best suited to your Desired Outcome

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