Exercise: The Base to Gesture Relationship

The concept of the Base to Gesture Relationship ties Frame, Stance, and Counterbalance together to support and encourage a full range and variety of gestural movements.  

Whether seated or standing you can maximize the power of Gesture to support meaning. Implement a practice of purposefully positioning your Base and noting the effects on Counterbalance as you gesture. By setting up your Base to directly manifest a particular type of Gesture, you increase your ability to use Gesture as a natural containment or extension of your energy or expression, and you harness the unique Base to Gesture Relationship as a strategic communication management tool. 

Setting up your Base is the first step in influencing gestures to express the type of extension or containment that supports your intentions. 

Learner Milestones


  • Employ a Base that will support the type of gesture best suited to your Desired Outcome

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