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Learner Expectation

We communicate with one another in complex and varied ways. How we move, use our voice, interact with space, and engage our breathing patterns while speaking words or while listening to others, all contribute to the communication process. This Lesson introduces a methodology that makes the classification of movement, intention, breath, and speech accessible and expedient for individuals in need of a unique communication strategy to address their personal use case. To be strategic in our communication we need a skillset. Let’s start by answering some questions.

What is Strategic Communication? Why does it matter? How does It work? What makes it mine? And, at the foundation of the methodology: how do we classify Fundamental Skills?

Learner Milestones

  • Understand the three fundamental concepts present in effective Communication Strategies 
  • Employed Given Circumstances as a critical communication analysis tool 
  • Recognize what fundamental skills are present in your everyday communication 
  • Recognize that patterns of verbal and nonverbal cues are interpreted during the meaning-making process 
  • Understand that the Approximation of new skills is key to developing your own relationship to novel concepts 
  • Perceive how practicing a wide variety of new patterns can help you to better interpret the communicative intentions and preferences of others 
  • Understand how concepts and patterns work differently for each person 
  • Perceive that personalizing a skillset requires deliberate practice, observation, and adjustment 
  • Prioritize practicing new skills during everyday low-risk communication opportunities 
  • Recognize that discovering what communication styles and tools you prefer is useful when you have a clear understanding of why you prefer them – that understanding comes from implementation and reflection 
  • Familiarize yourself with the building blocks of verbal and nonverbal communication

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