Exercise: What Makes it Mine?

Reflect upon your communication patterns. Take this opportunity to deeply consider how you communicate. 

You might simply think of the patterns of communication that you engage in as “That’s just me being me”. 

But here’s the thing: When you are presented with situations that demand patterns of communication that are outside your comfort zone, you miss out on new opportunities if you don’t have the skills to adapt to new circumstances.  

It’s true that soft skills are not one size fits all. But figuring out WHY something doesn’t perform as expected is much more valuable than simply taking note that it’s not working.

When you know WHY a pattern of soft skills is effective or ineffective, you can determine what components of the pattern need to be changed.

Not only that, you can use your personal experience to determine HOW to change them.

Committing to trying out the Topic material in everyday practice is the first step to building that reserve of personal experience.

Learner Milestones


  • Understand how concepts and patterns work differently for each person
  • Perceive that personalizing a skillset requires deliberate practice, observation, and adjustment
  • Prioritize practicing new skills during everyday low-risk communication opportunities
  • Recognize that discovering what communication styles and tools you prefer is useful when you have a clear understanding of WHY you prefer them – that understanding comes from implementation and reflection

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