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Tools of Physical Orientation provide a way to assess, describe, and plan for the physical amplification of our communication. There are two aspects of the physical experience we need to consider anytime we select a torso orientation for an interaction. Degrees of power and degrees of vulnerability: the two go hand-in-hand. Navigating that dichotomy is what Line Focus and Physical Orientation are all about.

Learner Milestones

  • Identify the impact of your Emotional Center in communications
  • Understand how Line Focus impacts communication
  • Self-determine your Line Focus preferences
  • Understand the significance of each of the Physical Orientation positions
  • Use Physical Orientation purposefully to facilitate Line Focus
  • Use Physical Orientation as a tool to engage or disengage the Emotional Center
  • Realize that Full Front amplifies Line Focus and the Emotional Center
  • Understand your situational employment of Full Front patterns
  • Become aware of how your thought focus and feelings are impacted when your torso is fully exposed in Full Front
  • Understand that Quarter Turn is a relationship building orientation
  • Experience how Quarter Turn is supportive of narrative
  • Understand that Profile removes Line Focus connection 
  • Employ Profile as a strategic orientation for minimizing the involvement of the Emotional Center
  • Understand that Three Quarter Turn cues unavailability
  • Realize that Three Quarter Turn is also a focus directing tool
  • Employ a Three Quarter Turn as an effective disengagement tool
  • Understand how Full Back displays as complete disengagement  

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