Exercise: Understanding Full Front

Physical Orientation builds upon the concept of Line Focus and the Emotional Center. It is common for people to default to a Full Front orientation of Line Focus for presentations or formal interactions. Many of us are simply not aware of the orientation of our torso during our everyday interactions. Observe your orientation patterns of Full Front. You may be defaulting to Full Front orientation because of the suggested architectural setting or because you are sitting or standing in front of people or a device camera, and you naturally provide all of your Line Focus to show attention. Remember that Full Front opens up your torso and thereby the availability or exposure of the Emotional Center.

Pay attention to your feelings and the sensory aspects of an interaction when you are positioned in Full Front. There will be instances where Full Front is appropriate, comfortable, and the most advantageous orientation to position your body in. Full Front is most effective under the following circumstances:
When you know your topic or material, are familiar and comfortable with the people you are speaking to, the number of people in the audience is not a factor, or your personality is very comfortable being the center of attention.

With observation comes the realization that we sometimes practice unconscious or default patterns that do not serve our Desired Outcomes for a specific communication. So, it is just as important to recognize when we depart from a Full Front pattern as it is to recognize when we shift into one. When do you naturally shift into a different orientation other than Full Front? Are you a person who rarely uses Full Front? You can purposefully employ a Full Front as a strategy for direct communications, drawing and maintaining focus and to display that you are open and available. But you can also shift out of it to lower the degree of physical amplification you project.

Learner Milestones


  • Realize that Full Front amplifies Line Focus and the Emotional Center
  • Understand your situational employment of Full Front patternsĀ 
  • Become aware of how your thought focus and feelings are impacted when your torso is fully exposed in Full Front

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