Week 7 – Section 1 – Learner Reflection & Practice

Learner Reflection & Practice

What changes for you once you must speak or present from behind a lectern or on a podium? Practice your material while employing your selected tools in an open space or stage, then step behind the Lectern or step up on the podium and observe what changes. Think about strategies that you can employ to counteract negative or intimidating effects of having to step onto a stage and settle behind the lectern or step onto a podium. The goal is to use your toolset so that you perceive the lectern or a podium as aids that you are in charge of. When you know you will be presenting from a podium, consider how the raised elevation contributes to the dynamics on the stage or in the room. This added Level contributes to and emphasizes the focal point on the stage, you. Podium presentations are a great place to employ a Basic-to-Wide Stance to open up your Base-to-Gesture Relationship. If the added level of the podium is uncomfortable or intimidating, remember you can shift your line focus to negotiate the exposure of your emotional center.

Sometime before the actual presentation, practice behind a lectern or a similar structure. Consider the audience’s perspective as you decide what tools you will employ to connect more fully to your audience. The more you can think of the movements you employ at a lectern as purposeful and powerful, and the more you engage in using them, the more you will perceive the lectern as an aid to your success as a presenter.

Moving around with confident positioning on the level of a podium and having agency over how you manage the focus it provides, or placing your materials upon a Lectern for reference, and interacting with the lectern as if you own it rather than an object you are trapped behind.

Here again, before a presentation, ask if the stage or room will feature your presentation from a podium or from behind a lectern. Presenting effectively from behind a lectern takes practice. So Practice!



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